"We didn't expect to see the first drawing until more than a month after Clark Nexsen delivered the entire project. By deploying leading-edge technologies like PowerCAD SiteMaster, they saved the US Navy and US taxpayers a lot of time and money."

- Michael Willette, Project Manager, GIS Division, Navy Public Works in Norfolk, VA.

"GiveMePower helped us create highly-detailed and amazingly-precise floor plans on site, in real-time and in AutoCAD-ready format 2-3 times faster than we could have using traditional methods. Frankly, it's hard to imagine doing building surveys any other way."

- Macklin Smith, AIA, Project Manager, Clark Nexsen Architecture and Engineering

01/22/2010 GiveMePower Corporation Reduces Outstanding Shares by 15 Percent
08/16/2007 GiveMePower Corporation Issues Update on Lawsuit Against Pace Compumetrics
05/07/2007 GiveMePower Corporation Joins Samsung Electronics America Inc. at Q1 Ultra UMPC Product Launch in New York City
04/12/2007 GiveMePower Technology Allows Trident Environmental Services to Meet New Senate-Proposed "Ban Asbestos in America Act of 2007"
04/04/2007 GiveMePower Accepted in New Microsoft Public Sector Solution Marketplace
03/14/2007 GiveMePower Launches Technical Services Division with MACTEC Federal Programs Project at Robins Air Force Base
02/07/2007 PowerCAD SiteMaster Drives Next Generation of Virtual Tours in Residential Real Estate
12/20/2006 Pattern Works Switches to GiveMePower Developer Platform and Increases Sales by 200%

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