Let GiveMePower Professionals do the work
Combining years of experience with advanced field practices ensures 'real' building information you can count on. Proven to increase productivity by up to 1000% compared to time consuming and labor intensive manual methods, GiveMePower delivers results with immediate payback.

Take out the guesswork
With GiveMePower laser-precise, field created as-builts and existing condition floor plans, what you see in a building is exactly what you get. Using state of the art technologies, GiveMePower delivers detailed accurate building information including walls, openings, windows, areas, perimeters, widths, heights while automatically storing room and building information.

Work with existing systems
Instantly useable, digital files are delivered in AutoCAD® DWG® and/or DXF® format, along with other popular file formats including BMP, PDF, and Excel compatible stored room and building information. Upload building data directly to existing FM, CMMS or CAFM software systems with ease, or manage your building information visually through the floor plan.

Know that it's done on time and precise
Our certified field professionals are on-site until the job is done. You get exact square footage, detailed room and building data, and accurate mechanical systems information. Every time.

Get the results you want
Customizable in the level of detail required, GiveMePower can also easily incorporate proprietary symbols and modes of measurement.

Reduce costs
Guarantee precise, intelligent data. Rework, delays, poor quality, incomplete, or inaccurate plans and building information costs everyone in the entire design/build chain valuable time and money. GiveMePower delivers much more than sketches, redrawn plans or simple line drawings.

Instant Productivity
Ready, reliable building data in easy to use layers that you can use instantly. Empower workers with real data and get everyone working collaboratively on the same page.

GiveMePower is the building surveying expert. Whether it is quick turn-around you need for a specific project or simply on-going updates to as-built floor plans, GiveMePower delivers.

From field to finish, we are consistently incorporating new technologies and unique processes to maximize our clients' investment in building intelligence to ultimately save them time and money. Clients like the US Navy, MACTEC, Clark Nexsen, Gibbs Gage Architects, EllisDon, and Texas A&M have already experienced the GiveMePower Difference.

Deploying expert personnel, following industry best practices and BOMA standards, GiveMePower delivers:

  • Laser-precise, 100% accurate building floor plans and inspection drawings.
  • Digital, AutoCAD-compatible drawings.
  • Excel-compatible itemized reports.
  • Embedded digital photos of key building components.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology study NIST CGR 04-867, estimates the cost of inadequate interoperability in the U.S. capital facilities industry to be $15.8 billion per year, with building owners bearing the majority of those costs. How much of the $15.8 billion did you pay last year?


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