Experience the GiveMePower Difference

Why settle for a redrawn floor plan measured by hand with a tape measure, pencil and paper, when you can get professional accurate drawings measured with a laser the first time?

Save time and money on AutoCAD compatible drawings.

Tape Measure and Paper GiveMePower Services Team
2 people 1 person
4000 sq ft per day 5000 sq ft per day
1 1/2 days to redraw sketch in AutoCAD ½ day for clean up of drawing already in AutoCAD file format
½ day to insert proprietary symbols into redrawn sketch Insert your proprietary symbols as they survey the building
1/2 day to insert digital photos into redrawn sketch Digital photos taken on-site and inserted as they survey the building
No report Excel-compatible itemized asset report


With more than 66 billion square feet of capital facilities exist in the United States alone, building owners and managers are looking to reduce costs, minimize mistakes and avoid costly rework.

GiveMePower doubles productivity, reduces time and costly errors for anyone who owns, operates, manages, measures, designs, constructs, inspects or sells/leases buildings needing precise up-to-date building surveys, floor plan drawings and associated construction, area estimation and facilities management reports.

Meet the team setting higher standards for the building surveying industry. Our GiveMePower Certified Professionals are rigorously trained in the latest productivity enhancing technologies, in industry leading best practices, and above all how to "read a building" for premium output results. We specialize in:

  • Basic and Advanced Building Surveys
  • On-site, third-party verification and re-measurement
  • Space calculations to BOMA standards
  • Lease plans
  • Emergency Response plans
  • Suite sheets, site plans and legal exhibits
  • ADA compliance
  • Roof plans and elevations
  • Capturing asset data for insurance and financing

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